Weight loss hypnosis Sittingbourne

Weight loss hypnosis SittingbourneIf you are looking for Weight loss hypnosis Sittingbourne , I am located just off the Thanet Way at Wraik Hill, Whitstable.  Easily accessible from most Sittingbourne towns .

I offer two different weight loss programmes:

Weight loss hypnosis Sittingbourne – DO Hypnosis Kent personal Weight loss programme

My personalised weight loss programme is for those clients that are overweight due to emotional issues. This weight loss programme is completely tailored to the individual client. I deal with the emotions that cause the overeating. This kind of weight loss programme is suitable for people that may have suffered some sort of trauma in their life. Many people come to me for weight problems and I find more often than not there is an emotional reason for their overeating.

A good example of this is when people that have suffered severe trauma such as child abuse or rape, overeat to keep themselves safe. In other words, they feel that (subconsciously) if they are fat, they are unattractive to potential abusers. Using Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy techniques I will address the underlying issues for the weight gain, leaving the client emotionally free to stop overeating. Lots of healing techniques as well as techniques to build confidence and self –esteem are used in this weight loss programme.*

The Gastric band /Hypno-band weight loss programme- Weight loss hypnosis Sittingbourne

This is a standardised weight loss programme which is the hypnotic version of the real Gastric band.

Through hypnotic direct suggestion, I aim to make the clients subconscious believe that they have had a real gastric band fitted.*

As with the real gastric band a client will want to eat less, will feel full on smaller portions and will react in the same way as if they had had the gastric balloon fitted. *The big benefit with the Hypno-band is that there are no post op complications and no lengthy hospital stays, no pre-op or post-op liquid diets and of course the cost is much lower but with the same effect.

This weight loss programme is for people that are simply overeaters with no real emotional reason for overeating. E.g. people who just eat the wrong types of food and too much of it.

This weight loss programme includes psycho-education about food choices. A new healthier way of eating is planned in conjunction with the client and the new lifestyle is fed back to the client’s subconscious mind under hypnosis.

Weight loss hypnosis Sittingbourne -DO Hypnosis Kent personalised weight loss plan in combination with the Hypno-band

This weight loss programme is for clients that have emotional triggers but are also large eaters or binge eaters. Addressing the emotional issues as well as the amount of food the client eats by implementing the gastric band alongside a personalised plan that addresses emotional triggers is a very effective technique to help clients get to their ideal weight.* I use a combination of Cognitive behavioural techniques alongside the gastric band protocol.

If you are looking for weight loss hypnosis Sittingbourne please email me on enquiries@dohypnosiskent.co.uk or ring me for a free telephone consultation to discuss which weight loss programme is the most suitable for you. Please ring on 01634 307030.

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *


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