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Welcome to Gastric-band hypnosis and the hypno-band for Weight loss hypnosis Rainham, Kent

Have you ever wondered why it is that you overeat, or why it is that you keep on eating the foods that you know are not good for you, and you know will not help with your weight loss plans?

You might not even like the bad foods you are putting into your body all that much, but you just don’t know how to stop, or how to break the destructive habit that is keeping you overweight and preventing you from losing weight..

My Hypnotherapy for weight loss program at Do Hypnosis Kent can help you understand and address your eating behaviours.*

So,if you are looking for weight loss hypnosis Rainham, I am based in Hempstead, Gillingham , and in very close proximity to Rainham.Weight loss hypnosis Rainham

My program is not a weight loss diet that forces you to eat certain foods and not others; it is a lifestyle change that helps you understand the reasons why you are putting on weight. Once you can understand and can address these reasons it is easier to keep the weight off permanently.*

By combining my personalised weight loss program with the Gastric-Band/Hypno-band program I am able to offer a very unique weight loss hypnosis program.*

Most Weight problems can be attributed to Psychological and/or emotional reasons.

Perhaps you comfort eat. This is a very common reason for obesity and weight gain.

The cause of comfort eating can be related to many things, including traumas or events that happened in your childhood, and /or current life stressors such as divorce, bereavement, exams etc.

Whatever the reason, here at DO Hypnosis Kent I will help you to identify what, how, why, and when you eat.  I will help get you on the road to a new healthy slim you.*

This includes addressing the core reason why you are overweight in the first place and then incorporating these things into my personalised hypnotherapy weight loss sessions.*

I am a licensed practitioner of the very successful Gastric-Band hypnosis programme known as the Hypno-band, and I use this programme of treatment along with my personalised weight loss programme to achieve the best results possible for my clients.*

The Hypno-band hypnosis method of treatment aims to convince your subconscious mind under hypnosis that you have had a real Gastric band fitted. This means, just like the real Gastric band that you should feel less hungry and as a result eat less, and thus lose weight.*

This combined with the lifestyle changes I incorporate into my sessions will all help you move towards your target weight, and achieve your weight loss goals.*

Unlike the real Gastric band there are no risks or side effects involved.

At a fraction of the price of the real Gastric band can you afford not to try hypnosis before considering undergoing what may be a life changing and risky procedure?

I am in close proximity to all the Medway towns, and are very conveniently located just off junction 4 of the M2 in Hempstead, Gillingham.

I am just three miles from Rainham, and 2.5 miles from Parkwood, Wigmore and Bredhurst, with on site free parking.

For more information on weight loss hypnosis Rainham, please do give me a call on 01634307030 for a free telephone consultation, or drop an email requesting the information you require to enquiries@dohypnosiskent.co.uk

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *

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