Weight loss hypnosis Ashford

I am situated on Wraik Hill, Whitstable , just off the Thanet Way. Easily accessible with free parking .

If you are looking for weight loss hypnosis Ashford you are on the right page!*

You are probably reading this page because you are now at the point where you will try anything to lose weight. You have probably been on many diets, and have probably lost weight on these diets, but you find those pounds always ends up creeping back on and you are back to square one … back on a diet and feeling deprived again. You may feel that it is difficult to socialize when you are on a diet because inevitably (especially as we Weight loss hypnosis Ashfordget older) many social activities revolve around food or alcohol, or you may feel that holidays and special occasions always set you back on that weight gain spiral. The fact of the matter is, diets may work on a temporary basis but living in permanent deprivation until the weight is lost and then reverting back to bad eating habits only results in more weight gain than you lost in the first place. So it becomes a never ending miserable cycle of yo-yo dieting.

That all very well, I hear you say, but how do I stop this cycle?

Weight loss hypnosis Ashford

There needs to be permanent sustainable lifestyle changes. Sustainable being the keyword. Psychologically, depriving yourself of anything in life will eventually result in you wanting whatever you have deprived yourself of that much more. So when it comes to food, if you stop eating the things you love altogether when you diet, when you come off the diet you will end up eating a lot of the food you have missed whilst dieting.

How can weight loss hypnosis help?*

In my practice I use cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy to affect permanent change.* This means that during the course of weight loss treatment I will analyse eating habits and patterns, and where the excess calories are being consumed. I then discuss with my clients the changes that I feel they need to make to their lifestyle in order to not only lose weight but to keep it off. I look at thought patterns around food as well as psychological food triggers, often bad eating habits stem from childhood eating patterns. Food reward or deprivation as a child can have a long term impact on adult eating behaviors.

Once I have identified changes that can be made, these are discussed with the client, and with the clients agreement, these new habits are installed under hypnosis. *This is a two pronged approach using cognitive behavioral methods (changing conscious thought patterns) as well as hypnosis to get to the route of behaviors, so affecting change in the unconscious mind.*

Once these behaviors have been identified, and addressed. I then proceed with the installation of the hypno-band over the remaining weeks of the course.

The hypno-band works in exactly the same way as the real Gastric band except of course there is no real operation!* However, your subconscious will believe that a real gastric band has been installed and your subconscious will respond with new, healthier behaviours’, you will feel less hungry, and will not be able to eat large portions of food, thus helping you to lose weight. *The difference with the real gastric band and my hypnotic band is that I also address bad eating behaviours, something that is not addressed with the real gastric band. So for example, if you have the real gastric band and love ice cream, a high calorie food, you will still be able to eat ice cream all day long, whereas my personalized hypno-band will help you avoid high calorific food.*

If you live in or near any of the Ashford towns then you will find I am only a 40 minute drive to Wraik Hill in Whitstable . For weight loss hypnosis Ashford why not try my personalized hypno-band.

My hypno-band is four sessions spanning nine weeks at a cost of £450.00. A fraction of the cost of the real gastric band! If you feel you need that extra help with your weight loss, call me on 01634 307030, or email me on enquiries@dohypnosiskent.co.uk

For more detailed information on weight loss hypnosis Ashford please look at my Gastric band hypnosis page.

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *


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