Reviews are extremely important in showing that a company is offering a good service and I always check the reviews on any service I am paying for before I part with my hard earned cash.

This is why I have decided to add a reviews page to my site, and am now requesting that my clients leave a review.

The harsh reality of reviews are that people that are unhappy will always take the time to write a bad review, as they want to warn other potential buyers of their bad experience.

However, when a client is amazingly happy with a service, not everyone has the time to take out of their day to write a good review. This is because people that are not in the service industry do not always realise how important good reviews are in boosting business and giving people confidence in using their services.

Anybody can write a page of reviews on their website and claim that these are genuine reviews .

Therefore in order to show that the reviews written below are genuine I have included the date, and the social medium where the review was posted. In this way prospective clients can check that all of these reviews are genuine reviews. These reviews have been quoted word for word from the relevant social media sites. I am also starting to include emails and cards received.


Google review – Katie May Clarke – January 2021

‘I’ve recently finished my 5 sessions with Debbie and I had such an enjoyable experience. I’ve noticed such a massive change in my day to day life. Being a sufferer of IBS, since seeing Debbie my daily struggles with stomach aches are next to none! Debbie has taught me tricks in dealing with anxiety and IBS and it’s been life changing. Debbie is so lovely, so skilled, and so easy to speak to. Highly recommend to anyone with IBS and anxiety!’*


Facebook review – Chloe Germaney – December 2nd 2020

‘I can’t thank Debbie enough for the help and support she’s given me, she’s made me see life in a completely different light.
I was dealing with trauma from my past relationship which was emotionally and physically abusive. A year down the line I hit one of the lowest points because I couldn’t get the things that had happened out of my head, that’s when I found Debbie! You’ve helped me climb out the dark hole I never thought I’d get out of and I’m forever grateful for your advice and help! I couldn’t recommend more x’*
Facebook review – Steve Freeman – October 30th 2020
‘Had four sessions with Debbie to make me abstinent from alcohol and It is fantastic what the mind can do.
It also caused me to cease smoking and it’s all thanks to the professionalism and friendliness of Debbie the therapist.
I highly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone and anything. You won’t be disappointed.’*

Google review – Debbie Blight – October 2020

‘Debbie is wonderful. She recently helped my daughter with her anxiety before and during her driving test, and my daughter said this really helped her feel that she could pass her test. Thank you Debbie.’*
Google review – Georgina Graham – August 2020
‘Debbie is fantastic. What she achieved in 6 sessions with my son far exceeded all our expectations and for all our family it has been life changing. After suffering extreme lows and anxiety for 4 years, Debbie helped him overcome fears which we thought were going to be lifelong. We are so grateful and are enjoying seeing the changes which are still developing as a result of her miraculous work. We will be recommending her to everyone!! Thank you so so much :)’*

Google review – Holly Thomson – October 2020

‘After having a car accident a few years ago, I slowly developed a fear of driving and then a fear of being a passenger too. Initially, when I started my 8 sessions with Debbie, I aimed to become more comfortable being a passenger in a car. I didn’t even think it would be possible that I would start driving again. However with Debbie’s help, after only 2/3 sessions I started driving again. Although I started off small, I am now driving to and from work a few times a week which I definitely didn’t think would happen 8 weeks ago. After working with Debbie, I am now calm in the car and no longer scared of everything when on the road. I couldn’t recommend Debbie enough, she was so lovely and I wouldn’t hesitate to book more sessions if I needed to in the future!’*

Facebook review – Alex Boreham – June 2020

‘Debbie helped me through a really dark time, she gave me the tools I needed to be able to let go of some of the anxiety and guilt I felt and helped me realise a lot of personal things to better my life and be better for my family. thank you Debbie, couldn’t recommend enough.’*


Facebook review – Ema Ransley – May 2020

‘I was someone who was slightly sceptical about hypnosis at first. But after struggling with my anxiety and it was getting progressively worse I was getting to a point where it was starting to affect my everyday life and I then needed to try something to help me. During these strange times we find ourselves in a worldwide pandemic. I was struggling with my anxiety, constant panic attacks, a fear of becoming ill and dying and in general, just extremely anxious all the time. I finally decided to get some help and went to Debbie. I was in the mind frame that I would have to live with this for the rest of my life , but even after my second session I started to feel so much better . Now after my fourth session I have learnt how to deal with my anxieties with the help of Debbie and what she has taught me . I finally feel back to myself and have not had a panic attack for three weeks now after having them on a daily basis. We had to do things under different circumstances due to being in lock down , however everything was done over a Zoom call, with Debbie’s relaxing voice and in the comfort of my own home. For me it was not different. I can’t recommend hypnosis and Debbie enough. If you are struggling, no matter how much or how little,  find help so that you can deal with it . This has helped me hugely. Thank you so so much.’*


Google review – Sally Stileman – May 2020
‘Debbie helped me with depression following a recent breakup. By the end of our sessions I left feeling so much better in myself and confident.’*

Facebook review – Linda Sherwood – February 2020

‘Debbie is very easy to talk to and helped me tackle my confidence when driving on busy roads. She has the ability to help you help yourself! Thank you.’*


Google review – Stephen Smith – October 2019

‘I recommended my mum and to sisters to stop smoking therapy after I had successfully stopped smoking after seeing Debbie.

I’ve now not smoked for 1 year.

I’m pleased to say that my mum and sisters are all not smoking either and all of us would highly recommend Debbie. She’s very professional and makes you so relaxed and at ease.’*


Facebook review – Nicola Kulawsky – 21st October 2019

‘I thoroughly recommend Debbie . She is kind, easy to talk to and I felt completely relaxed after every session. She helped me move on with my life and I am very grateful for all her help.’*


Google review – Big Nath – August 2019

‘Great service, Debbie managed to get me on a flight after 4 sessions. A+++’*


Google review – June Banfield – June 2019 

Five star rating


Facebook review – Jade Butler – May 8th 2019

‘Really helped with my fear of flying in only a matter of weeks!! My first flight went really well, all thanks to Debbie. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. I was very nervous to go at first but after having done the first session I already loved it and just knew it was going to help make a change. One of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met! Thank you a millions times over x’*


Google review – Kevin Dallas – April 2019

‘Back in August 2018 I had my first panic/anxiety attack which was awful, I had no idea what was happening, I used to be someone that eat out 2-3 times a week, going out to shows in built up areas with lots of people around, but once I started having these attacks, I gradually stayed in the house more and more to the point were I wouldn’t leave the house, it affected my home and work life, it got to the stage where I was ringing my wife during the day crying down the phone or she would come home from work and I’d be sat on the stairs in tears.
It even got to the stage where I even thought about suicide, just so the feeling would stop. I had completely lost control of my life, I went to the doctors and they tried putting me on tablets, unfortunately they made me worse.
My wife had booked a holiday to Disney world in Florida in April 2019, I was petrified as it would have been my worse nightmare eating/built up areas/ queues.
So I spoke to my wife and we decided to try hypnotherapy, I was very sceptical and I didn’t really believe in it, but thought I would try, DO Hypnosis (Debbie) was amazing, she really took on board what I was saying and she understood everything, she put a plan of action in place for me which was personal to my issues, I had 6 sessions, the last session was 1 week before my holiday, I have just come back and I was absolutely fine, Me and my wife can’t believe the transformation, I have started eating out again, I’m fine with going out into built up areas, Debbie gave me my life back and I owe her everything, I can’t recommend her enough, she is one amazing woman.
From the bottom on my heart I thank you soo much xx”*


Facebook review – Elisha Birkill – February 11th 2019 ·

‘Amazing!!! All I can say. Has helped me so much within myself, so glad I went and experienced this type of therapy! Would 1000000% recommend to anyone!’*


Google review – Vince Kay -February 2019

‘Debbie is a great counsellor… I personally did not require hypnotherapy to overcome any fears per se, more for the CBT requirement and positive, kind and encouraging words that Debbie shared with me, this interaction along with the positive reinforcement in my subconscious via hypnosis has definitely helped my situation.

Debbie’s practice is a nice, safe, secure and comfortable environment and I would definitely recommend Do Hypnosis to anybody who needs the usual overcoming of fears treatment, as well as some reassurance and self esteem building CBT type therapy.

I definitely recommend Debbie and Do Hypnosis.

Thank you Debbie and all the best with your good work for the future.

All the best,



Google review – Andy Bell – February 2019

‘For anyone thinking about trying hypnotherapy I would thoroughly recommend using Debbie. I was very apprehensive of heights and it was causing me anxiety with a work based course. After three sessions with Debbie the anxiety had simply gone and I was able to pass the course. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed heights now but my thought process has changed completely!’*


Google review – Claire Simmons – February 2019

I’ am very happy with the service here.
I’ve seen Deborah several times and the most recent was to give up chocolate!! I’ve not had any over Xmas!
I really recommend this to anyone if you want a helping hand!!’*


Facebook review Thea Theodorsdottir – December 6th, 2018

I highly recommend do hypnosis Kent because of the professional treatment and the incredible results of the sessions I have had. The hypnotherapy helped me cope with depression which I have been suffering from for years. The sessions are tailored specially for your needs and therefore I highly recommend do hypnosis.


Google review – Malagorzata Patryn – November 2018

‘Debbie at DO Hypnosis was recommended to me and I couldn’t have gone to a better person for help. I had four sessions and after each of them I felt more confident and believing that I’m able to deal with any problems I may have.
Debbie is very friendly and made me feel at ease right from the start. The therapy including hypnosis definitely worked for me.
Thank you so much Debbie.’*


Google review – Rosie Lawrence – 5 stars

Google review – November 2018  –  google name to protect clients privacy -Feretorylunas

‘I went to D.O Hypnosis with the aim of overcoming my dog phobia. Before I started my sessions with Debbie, I was afraid to walk down the street on my own in case there was a dog, I also could not go the park and was nervous about going to new places. I sought Debbie out after looking online, I noted that she was located close to my house, which is always a bonus.

From the first session, Debbie made me feel very at ease. She took the history of my phobia, and mapped out a plan for how we were going to tackle my phobia together. This included being set ‘homework’. Debbie would guide me through a scenario in hypnosis, and I would go out in the real world and do it.

Before seeing Debbie, I was uncomfortable being in the same room with any dog. After 6 sessions of seeing Debbie, I have been able to stroke a dog, play with a dog, walk around a country park where there were lots of dogs, and I have even had a dog sit on my lap. Before having hypnosis, all of these situations induced fear and I would sometimes have panic attacks. My friends and family are amazed at the change. After 20 years, it is nice to not experience the blind panic whenever there is a dog around.

I would 100% recommend Debbie, she genuinely wants to help and was thrilled every time I gave her with an update on my progress. She tailored the sessions to my personal circumstances and everything was done at my own pace. Some of my friends are so amazed at my progress that they want to see Debbie to combat their anxiety.

Not only is my dog phobia gone, but I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I cannot thank Debbie enough for helping me overcome my phobia.’*


Google review – Daniella Alltoft – October 2018

‘After suffering with anxiety for a few years and after having a baby, my husband decided to get me some help. He found Debbie online through other recommendations and they were so right!
Debbie is wonderful, she’s so welcoming, friendly and immediately puts you at ease when going to see her. Debbie is very easy to talk to, and I always came out of her sessions feeling on cloud 9! I went to see her for about 2 months and came out a different person and everyone has been commenting how much better I am dealing with life situations and controlling my anxiety.
I really can’t thank you enough Debbie, you’ve transformed me xx’*


Google review – Steve Day – October 2018

‘Awesome a true lady of her word done wonders with my son Dave gave him his confidence back again towards the game he loved and has truly helped him with his Dartitis now playing like he used too.
Thank you.’*


Google review – Amy Thrussell – October 2018

‘Writing a review doesn’t put it in perspective on how much Debbie has helped me! 4 sessions and I feel so more positive about everything.
I have seen counsellors and been to other clinics having multiple sessions which never really worked or I didn’t know how to deal with anxiety on my own.
Debbie worked with me, tailored every session to target each thing I talked about using CBT and hypnotherapy. I would definitely recommend Debbie she has been amazing, I am now learning to control my anxiety myself and Debbie has given me endless support, strategies and recommendations within the session and whilst I’ve been at home!!

Like I said I can’t thank Debbie enough!!



Google review – Vicky C – September 2018

Great service and am now on the road to success thanks to Debbie:)*


Google review – J Rex – August 2018

I’ve found Debbie to be very helpful and approachable and with her support I have achieved a great deal of what I set out to do. Thanks Debbie*


Facebook review – David Wright- July 15th 2018

Found Debbie very helpful, personable and professional. Would highly recommend her services.


Google review – Marcella Thorp – July 2018

I have always had a fear of flying and never intended to get on a plane. I couldn’t believe it when my son booked his wedding in Hawaii! I felt I had to do everything possible so I could attend. I booked hypnotherapy but didn’t really expect it to work. No one was more surprised than me that I actually managed to board two planes to get there. I still don’t enjoy it but I remained calm and know now I can do it. Debbie was great and supportive and continued to be throughout the whole experience. I couldn’t have done it without her.*’


Google review – Sophie Tills – July 2018

‘Debbie is fantastic and knows what she is doing, before going to Debbie I would get travel sickness on any transport (flights and boats being the worst) I have now completed 8 flights in total and haven’t been sick once! I have managed to control my thinking and calm myself down instead of panicking and being ill. I have also been on 2 boat trips with no sickness :). So happy!  Debbie has changed my life around and I no longer fear being sick every time I travel! Thank you so much xx’*


Google review – Gurj Boora – July 2018

‘I would recommend anyone to go and visit Do Hypnosis Kent. Whatever you may be going through. I was instantly made to feel welcome and at ease. I was not made to feel awkward, but all my concerns and worries were listened to. After each session I felt stronger mentally. It’s onwards and upwards from now on.’*


Google review – Chloe Day – May 2018

‘I came to Debbie with driving anxiety after a motorway accident. She tailored each session to my specific worries and adjusted them to what worked particularly well for me. I was concerned to begin with that hypnotherapy wouldn’t work for me, but Debbie was very reassuring and I saw improvements after only a few sessions. By the end of the course my attitude to driving had completely changed. I used to be in a state of near panic every time I drove, and would almost be in tears driving on motorways or busy roads. Now, I can stay calm even when surrounded by lorries and coaches, and have confidence in my own ability to cope with situations. Highly recommended on all counts!’*


Google review – Sam Jones – April 2018

‘Debbie is a fantastic hypnotherapist, and tailors every session to you, and makes it a much more personal experience, rather than reading from a script. She also offers talking therapy (CBT), which, along with the hypnotherapy just adds to the experience and really helps with the problems you may be having. I have recommended her to friends and family. Now, thanks to Debbie, I am much happier and can manage my symptoms of anxiety much better and recognise the symptoms. I am also now studying towards a degree, which before would have caused much anxiety. Thank you Debbie!’*

Google review – Alicia Boyar – March 2018 

‘I am very happy with the service provided.The hypnotherapy sessions have proven beneficial. They lessened the issues I had significantly. Thank you Debbie.’*


Ellie – (email received)- 12th January 2018 

‘Hey hey hey Debbie! I just wanted you to know you are a  life saver and amazing human being! I’m going to a cocktail crazy golf tomorrow in London with loads of friends and my heart hasn’t started to pulsate. I’m not stressing about it or anything. I’m going to a gym now and not getting nervous when walking up the stairs.
I’m a lot more mellow and calm now and loads of people have noticed!’

‘Thank you Debbie, I am so excited to continue!! Lots of love Ell.”*


Google review – Athan – December 2017

‘I highly recommend these sessions. They have worked really well for me. Thanks so much.”*


Google review – Sara Patey – September 2017

‘I found do hypnosis on a Google search and noted it was local to me. After reading the thorough information provided on the Web site I decided to make the call. Like many people I had tried in vain to loose weight by myself generally .I found Do hypnosis on a Google search and noted it was local to me. Like many people I had tried in vain to loose weight by myself generally failing to do so for any length of time. The cost put me off initially as I noted it was a course for hypnoband. So I saved up and decided after an initial free session with Debbie that I wanted to give it a go. I found her very kind and supportive but also realistic in what I should expect. It has been quite a journey but after 8 weeks I had lost 16 pounds! I can honestly say whilst not an easy process personally that it has been life changing and at present the hypnosis has totally changed the way I think of food and how I eat for the better. Drop box tapes are also provided and I have got into a daily habit of listening to them to keep things on track. I can recommend Debbie as a highly trained Hypnotherapist who gets the job done!! Thank you.’*

Facebook review Jackie Acres 5 star 

‘Can’t thank Debbie enough for helping me find ways to cope with a fear of flying phobia that had crept up on me in recent years. After 5 sessions, this month I got back on an aeroplane on my own and flew to Paris. Looking forward to each future flight getting easier.’*


Google review Jackie Acres October 2017

‘I can’t thank Debbie enough for helping me cope with a fear of flying phobia that has crept up on me in recent years. She genuinely likes helping people which makes her great at her job. I was very sceptical about hypnosis at the start but she genuinely likes helping people which makes her great at her job. I was very sceptical about hypnosis at the start but after 5 sessions I had such faith in her belief that it would work, that I got on a plane on my own and flew to Paris. And she was right, it did work. I am looking forward to each flight getting easier and easier. Thank you Debbie for opening up the world again to me.’*


Facebook review Kerry Watson5 star 


 Facebook review Jan Kur — 5 star  April 9th 2017

‘What can I say, except I went to one of the best! I needed someone who could help me on a deep level, and Debbie has helped me in a way she’ll never know.
I wanted a therapist local to me in Kent, so I looked on line, and Do hypnosis came up. The first thing that was great for me Debbie is in Gillingham an hour away, and secondly I didn’t have to go London and pay London prices. Once I had spoken to Debbie, I knew this was the therapist for me. When I went to her clinic I found it so relaxing and calm. The way Debbie knew how to calm and reassure me with her calming voice, made feel I’m doing the right thing. I have deliberately waited for six weeks to see if this has worked to last. I can honestly say, Debbie knows what she’s doing, and she does it so well. I will be going back, as I want to get rid of my fear of driving. I wish Debbie the very best. I highly recommend Debbie’s therapy’.*


Facebook review Peter Bradley  — 5 star September 17th 2015

‘Amazing results ! Highly recommended – increased self confidence, sales and income along with serenity and peace of mind. Fantastic!’*
Facebook review Jacqueline Tower  — 5 star June 25th 2016
Excellent results, really worked for weight loss, feel much better about myself because of it.”*

Email received 24th December 2016


 Just to wish you a Happy Christmas.

 Also to let you know that I have now lost over three stone and dropped two dress sizes, so thank you.’*


Jacqui Tower*


 Facebook review  – Louise Phillips – 5 star  July 2016

 ‘Where does the therapist go for therapy! I came to see Debbie after struggling to manage the stress of juggling a thriving therapy practice with completing a degree and family life. I felt overwhelmed, anxious and needed to find balance in my life. Debbie has been absolutely amazing! After just 4 sessions I was able to feel calm and in control in situations that previously overwhelmed me and found that I was once again able to enjoy the challenges of life and most importantly to find a healthy balance. I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough she really is an outstanding therapist!’*

 Facebook review Glen Butler  — 5 star  December 1st 2016

Excellent result and a great service before, during and after. I was sceptical before going as i was not a believer that hypnosis was actually real and not just some pretend gimmick. I had tried lots of things but nothing really worked so thought I had nothing else to lose. I am now so glad that I did.  I would now highly recommend hypnosis and DO Hypnosis Kent to anyone to help with whatever they need.*


 Google review – Keith Lyall – October 2016 – five stars


Google review – Pat Brown –  July 2016 -five stars

I found my experience with Debbie O’Neill very helpful. She puts herself out and makes sure that you are completely satisfied before you go. I would not hesitate to go back if I had a further problem.*

 Google review – Dari – June 2016

Highly impressed with the service I received from DO Hypnosis! I have recently been receiving hypnoband treatments, and I’m astonished at how well it’s working. I’ve already lost my target of three stone in weight, an absolutely amazing achievement which seemed impossible before I started seeing Debbie, who is extremely professional and supportive. The hypnosis itself is lovely and relaxing, and I would truly recommend DO Hypnosis to all my friends and family*.
Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *







I am happy to say that I am now working face to face with clients again. I have put in place strict Covid-19 safety measures in line with Government guidance to keep my clients safe .
I would ask that clients continue to choose online sessions over face to face sessions but I do appreciate that this does not suit all clients.


Any client wishing to work face to face will be asked to fill out a Covid-19 risk assessment and to sign a Covid-19 liability waiver.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)