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I am a easy 25-30 minutes drive down the M2/Thanet way to Wraik Hill, Whitstable

Stop smoking hypnosis near Medway Towns can help you kick the habit.*

Stop smoking in just one session of hypnosis for £250.00, a fraction of a month’s supply of cigarettes.

Have you tried everything in the book to give up smoking?

You may have tried tablets and found that you had terrible side effects.

You may have tried gum and/or patches and found that they worked temporarily but as soon as the withdrawal symptoms kicked in you found yourself lighting up and then berating yourself up about it afterwards.

You may find that you can give up during the week, but once you find yourself in certain social situations your willpower crashes.

This could be once you pop up the pub for a drink at the weekend, when you are socialising with other smokers, or even when you stand out the back of the office at work at lunchtime or during coffee break. For some smokers, smoking is a social activity, so when the social cue is triggered, so they find themselves lighting up.

The other problem with smoking is that alongside the withdrawal there is also a behavioural pattern that needs to be broken. For example, for most smokers, the start of their day means a cup of tea/coffee and a cigarette; they cannot function properly until they have performed this little ritual. Most smokers will light up after a meal..…a stressful situation at work sees employees rushing out to the smoking shelter to light up and calm their nerves.

The bad news is, when you go cold turkey, use tablets, patches or gum, you are doing nothing to break the behavioural aspect of smoking. If you have been smoking for a long time, even years, your daily routine is just as much a part of your life as the actual nicotine addiction. Without breaking the habit, it becomes very difficult to give up.

Get help to kick the habit with my Stop smoking hypnosis programme.

The good news is that hypnosis can help break those behavioural patterns.*

My one session Stop smoking hypnosis  means that I will find out what your behavioural triggers are that make you smoke. This is a very personalised stop smoking course, as finding YOUR personal triggers is essential for a hypnosis to quit smoking course to work.*

There is no need to list the many benefits of giving up smoking here. (But to see more information on this please go to my quit smoking page ).

Most smokers that reach this page already known that by giving up smoking they will be saving themselves hundreds of pounds that could be better spent on a holiday or a nice car, a nice dress or on their children’s university fees. They know that they are at risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer and decreasing their life span by ten years. And by the time they reach this page they have usually tried everything else and are now desperate. Hypnosis is usually a last resort.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is effective because it addresses the behavioural, the mental and the physical aspects of giving up smoking.* The subconscious thoughts relating to the physical withdrawal as well as the behavioural aspect of smoking are addressed using direct suggestion. So it becomes much easier for the smoker to give up when long term habits have been addressed in the subconscious mind.*

Many smokers will find reasons why they can’t give up and this is why they fall back into the habit. How many times have you heard I can’t give up because I put on weight or I can’t give up because I can’t stand the withdrawal, I become moody and irritable and difficult to live with…..Well of course they are on a one way road to failure with statements like this as they have already set up the expectation to fail. They already have an excuse in place. Again this is where hypnosis can help.* All of these negative thought processes are addressed.* Through cognitive restructuring, we can help create new and positive thoughts patterns in the subconscious.*

So if you spend £7.00 per day on pack of cigarettes (or more) this equals £196.00.

The cost of a Stop smoking hypnosis Kent and Medway programme will cost you £250.00. So if you can afford to smoke …you can afford to give up. You will have saved yourself £2102.00 per year for a small investment of £250.00.

Can you afford not to give hypnosis a go?

Call me now to book in your stop smoking session or to make any further enquiries email me on

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services.*

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