Skype hypnosis

I am now offering skype hypnosis programmes as part of my  ongoing effort to improve and extend my services.

This means that I am able to offer my Skype hypnosis services nationally and internationally, as well as to people that are unable to get to me due to physical disabilities or psychological issues such as agoraphobia.

My skype hypnosis programmes are run in exactly the same way as my face to face programmes except that obviously we will be talking face to face through our computer screens instead of meeting here in my office. You will receive exactly the same personalised service and in depth initial assessment as if we were meeting face to face.

The benefit of skype hypnosis sessions over  face to face meetings is that clearly there is no travel costs and no travel time involved for the client, and I can extend my reach to include people that are not local. The other benefit is that you can be hypnotised in the comfort of your own home. For some people this is preferable to coming to my offices, and they feel far more comfortable conducting therapy in their own home or in their own comfort zone.

This is of considerable benefit for agoraphobics, as for some agoraphobics leaving home is the major problem.

Clearly , as the client you will need to ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection. Conducting hypnosis with an internet connection that may drop out at any time is not conducive to achieving the relaxed state we aim for . You will also need to ensure that you have somewhere quiet ,private and comfortable in your own home where the skype session will be uninterrupted for the duration of the session. This is very important with hypnotherapy.

I you are interested in skype hypnosis please look at the price list which shows the packages we offer.

The packages listed in the price list are the same for skype programmes, so if you are interested please get in contact and we will arrange dates for the skype sessions in the same way that we make appointments for face to face sessions. Call now on 01634307030 or email us on to arrange your skype hypnosis dates .

Please ensure that if you call from another country and leave me a message that you do tell me which country you are calling from so that I can find the international dialing code to call you back. I have had several calls of late from abroad where the caller has left a local number but I have not been able to call back due to not knowing which country they were calling from.many thanks , Debbie.