Stop smoking mp3 download


Stop smoking mp3 download


This stop smoking mp3 download will guide you into a deeply relaxed trance state. Post hypnotic suggestions focus on increased will power, reduced cravings, and breaking the behavioural aspect of smoking.*

Very often when people give up smoking, the habit is replaced with a substitute habit, and this is usually food in one form or another, leading to weight gain. This weight gain is then used as an excuse to start smoking again! In this mp3 I include post-hypnotic suggestion that focus on habit substitution as well as difficult social situations where there is a temptation to light up.*

Listen to this stop smoking mp3 download every day for 21 days to help break the habit.*

This stop smoking mp3 download is 30 minutes long.

Please note this is a generic mp3 that can be used to help stop smoking. However, if you are still having difficulty stopping smoking I offer a personalised stop smoking course of treatment conducted over two sessions. Please see my stop smoking page for more information. I can be contacted by phone on 01634 307030 or email

Disclaimer* Please note that my mp3 downloads are generic audios offered to     the wider audience and are therefore not a substitute for personalised  therapy. The audios are offered to enhance and aid visualisation and to deliver positive suggestion. For this reason results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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