Negativity release mp3 download


Negativity release mp3 download


Sometimes, life events can cause us to become very negative in our thoughts and in our behaviours.

This is not only detrimental to our mental health but to our physical health as well. This negativity release mp3 download can help guide you to a positive mindset.

Falling into a negative mindset can happen very easily, especially after we have been through a difficult time. Unfortunately it is not as easy to get out of this kind of mindset as it is to fall into it, so sometimes we may need a little help.

The latest research in neuroscience shows that it is possible to literally rewire the neural pathways of your brain. In other words , if you have negative neural pathways created by negative thinking,then you can just as easily create positive neural pathways through positive thinking !*

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to access the  subconscious and help create these positive neural pathways and help eliminate and/or change negative thoughts to positive thoughts.*

Using healing white light visualisation this mp3 is designed to rid your mind and body of negativity and clear emotional and mental blockages that are stopping you from moving forward into a more positive way of life. Continuous use of this negativity release mp3 download will help rid your body and mind of  negative thoughts, feelings and emotional blockages.*

This is a generic mp3 that can be used for general negativity release. However, if you have ongoing and/or long term negativity issues you may be suffering from something more serious such as depression or anxiety.

If you feel that you are abnormally negative and this has been going on for a long period of time, I offer free telephone consultations to help you try and establish what your problem may be.

Alternatively please look at the other pages on my website to see if you fit any of the symptoms listed on these pages. A good place to start would be my anxiety and depression pages.

Listening to this negativity release mp3 download on a regular basis will increase the effectiveness of the post-hypnotic suggestions.

This negativity release mp3 download should not be listened to whilst driving or operating dangerous machinery.

This mp3 download is twenty minutes long.

I can be contacted by phone on 01634 307030 or email on

Disclaimer* Please note that my mp3 downloads are generic audios offered to the wider audience and are therefore not a substitute for personalised  therapy. The audios are offered to enhance and aid visualisation and to deliver positive suggestion. For this reason results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.


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