Chocolate addiction mp3 download


This chocolate addiction mp3 download is to be used for those people that specifically have a problem with chocolate only.


This chocolate addiction mp3 download is to be used for those people that specifically have a problem with chocolate only.

Chocolate addicts will eat large amounts of chocolate in one sitting, often to the point that they may even feel sick afterwards, After a chocolate binge they will often feel guilt and ashamed of themselves. They will often lie about how much they have eaten to their loved ones, stash chocolate, and binge on it when they are alone .

Chocolate addicts can very often be otherwise healthy eaters, and will often know what is good for them but are unable to stop the chocolate bingeing. This is quite simply because they are not addicted to the chocolate, they are actually addicted to the sugar.

Recent research has shown that there is no health benefits whatsoever to eating sugar. In addition to this the withdrawal symptoms can be horrendous and have been compared to withdrawal from strong drugs such as cocaine. These withdrawal symptoms will often feel like flu symptoms and in some people can be quite severe.

The good news is that it takes 10 days for sugar to leave our system and to break the addictive cycle. Once your body is sugar free you will find that you no longer crave chocolate, and you will not feel the need to binge. You will start to feel fantastic and of course you will start to lose weight .

This chocolate addiction mp3 download  is designed to help you break the cycle of binge eating by giving you the subconscious willpower that is required to overcome the sugar addiction. Listening to this mp3 for ten days will help you get past the most difficult part which is the first ten days of physical and mental withdrawal.

Please note this mp3 should be listened to last thing at  night just before you go to sleep as it will guide you into restful sleep. There is no formal awakening at the end so it should not be listened to during the day.

This chocolate addiction mp3 download is 18 minutes of hypnosis and the relaxing music continues for a further 40 minutes to help further relax you into a deeper sleep.

If you would like a chocolate addiction mp3 download with a formal awakening please email me direct on to request it.

This chocolate addiction mp3 download should not be listened to whilst driving or operating dangerous machinery.

If you have a lot of weight to lose due to your chocolate addiction you may want to consider my weight loss programme or my gastric band hypnosis programme. These programmes are personalised to every client and if chocolate is your problem then chocolate binge eating can be incorporated into these weight loss programmes.

I can be contacted by phone on 01634 307030 or email on

Disclaimer* Please note that my mp3 downloads are generic audios offered to the wider audience and are therefore not a substitute for personalised  therapy. The audios are offered to enhance and aid visualisation and to deliver positive suggestion. For this reason results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.




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