Ask Debbie A Question


ASK DEBBIE A QUESTION and receive a seven minute video response .

Send as much information by email to me and I will assess your circumstances and give you concise advice in a seven minute video recorded specially for you.



Ask me a question and I will send you a seven minute video response.

You may not be sure if therapy is for you or you might just need clarity on something before you decide what your next move will be .

You can send me a full overview of what is happening in your life , and you can go into as much detail as you like (by email).

I will read through your email and assess what I think is going on with you and give you a concise answer in a seven minute video recorded specially for you.

This gives you the opportunity to tell me as much as you can about your circumstances.

Much cheaper than therapy sessions yet you still get to share everything that is going on in your life.

Below is an example of questions I have  been asked :

Do you think my husband is narcissistic ?

Do you think I am a narcissist?

My husband shouts at me a lot , is this considered to be abuse ?

My husband is lovely , but changes when he drinks , how do I manage this ?

Is it my fault if my husband hits me when I question him about things he does behind my back?

I found out my wife is having an affair, should I leave her ?

My partner says I am acting crazy because I have trust issues but I instinctively feel she is lying to me , is it me or is it her?

Am I suffering from anxiety?

I feel really confused about my relationship with my mother , she is often really unnecessarily critical/judgemental and I feel like cutting her out of my life , what should I do?

My son has cut me out of his life as I cannot get on with his wife , I don’t know what to do to get him back?




Although my website shows my (new) address as

26 Herne Bay Road, Whitstable.


I am currently still based at Chill at Treetops , Wraik Hill, Whitstable ,Ct5 3BY until the 25th June 2024.
From 25th June I will be working from the new address 26 Herne Bay Road, Whitstable.

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