The first session with me is a thorough consultation and exploration of the issues the client is facing . This enables me to tailor make a treatment plan that best suits the needs and goals of the client. This session is usually two hours long. From the information I have obtained from this session I will then compose a treatment plan that is started on the second session. All of my hypnosis programmes are completely personalised and I never use a standard hypnosis protocol and apply the same treatment to every client.

Most issues require the minimum of four sessions (the exceptions are listed below), so for this reason  I have composed package prices that allow the client to benefit from more sessions at a lower cost.

All treatments

6 sessions £370.00 (saving of £50.00)

4 sessions £250.00 (saving of £30.00)

2 sessions £130.00 (saving of £10.00)

One off sessions

However, I also offer one off consultations and one off session bookings. The benefit of booking one off sessions is that you get to meet me , see if you like me, get to experience some hypnosis, and ask any questions you might have as well as alleviate any doubts.  I can then advise how many sessions you are likely to require.

The other benefit is that it makes therapy more accessible to people that cannot afford to pay for block bookings.

The drawback of booking one off sessions is that they are more expensive in the long run than booking a course of treatment, and most conditions do require at least four sessions of hypnosis to be effective. I always allow two hours for the first session with all new clients

One off sessions are £70.00 per hour. For one off sessions I ask for full payment of the session on booking the appoinment. This allows me to maximise my working hours and avoids no shows .


The exceptions to the above prices are :


1 Session £195.00

This session can be up to 2 hours long, but this does vary from person to person. However , please allow the very minimum of an hour .

Gastric-band hypnosis

Four sessions £395.00

Session one – 90 minute

Session two – four all (up to)  60 minutes long

Past life regression

A lot of people want to undergo past life regression out of curiosity, however , usually the subconscious mind has prompted the client to seek past life regression to solve a problem in the current life .

I use past life regression as a therapeutic tool to gain insight into problems that a person may be having in their life, for which there seems to be no physical or medical reason.

If a person is experiencing difficulties that seem to have no reason and for which there is no medical diagnosis, I would recommend the block session of four which allows me to conduct a thorough treatment plan, utilising past life regression as one of the therapeutic tools combined with other approaches .

I do not conduct past life regression in one off sessions, however past life regression for curiosity purposes can be done in two sessions.

Please send me an email on if you would like to book in and I will respond with full booking in details.




I am happy to say that I am now working face to face with clients again. I have put in place strict Covid-19 safety measures in line with Government guidance to keep my clients safe .
I would ask that clients continue to choose online sessions over face to face sessions but I do appreciate that this does not suit all clients.


Any client wishing to work face to face will be asked to fill out a Covid-19 risk assessment and to sign a Covid-19 liability waiver.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)