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How do I know if I have anxiety?


If you suffer from panic attacks?

If you find the smallest task difficult?            

If you have lots of fears about things most people seem to find easy?

If you worry about everything including seemingly inconsequential things? 

If you obsess over things or have obsessive thoughts ?

If you overthink everything?

If you awfulise situations?

If you have answered yes to all or some of these questions then you are very likely suffering from anxiety

If face to face therapy is too scary for you or simply unaffordable then this course will help you.

How will this course help with my anxiety?

If you have ever suffered from anxiety then you already know the debilitating effect this can have on your life.
In four easy online sessions this comprehensive online anxiety course will teach you how to overcome anxiety and take back control of your life.
You will learn how to re-train your brain and stop that destructive overthinking.
The course combines cognitive restructuring techniques with hypnotherapy for fast and effective results.

You will learn how your psychological responses can be changed in order to manage your own anxiety and will provide you with the tools you need to take back control of your life, and overcome anxiety.*

During lockdown many people are suffering particularly badly with health anxiety, this course will also help you to manage your health anxiety at this particularly difficult time.

However, the course is not limited to health anxiety and can help with many types of anxiety, including health anxiety unrelated to Covid-19 (e.g fear of cancer, fear of death etc ), social anxiety, relationship anxiety, and phobic anxiety responses.

What is included in the Online anxiety course ?

Included in the online course are 14 files which include :

5 videos explaining Psychological processes, how anxiety is kept alive and how to make the changes needed to reduce or combat anxiety completely.

10 downloadable pdf’s which support everything covered in the videos.

4 downloadable Hypnotherapy mp3’s targeted to anxiety.

I have written this course in order to help people that are unable to get to see me in my private practice . Everything in the course I cover in my client facing sessions so the benefit of doing an online course instead of seeing me in person means that you you can keep going back to the course as and when you need to, all in the comfort of your own home and in your own time !

What people are saying about the course

‘This course has been great, I really enjoyed it and it helped a great deal to relieve stress and anxiety  especially in these difficult times. The breathing exercises have been very helpful and I continue to do ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening.

Thank you so much for this.’

Karina Svarcaite

‘I found the online anxiety course to be so very helpful.
In a time of lockdown woth Covid-19, a broken marriage and anxiety that I have never experienced before , I found the course something invaluable . It was teaching me a way to understand my feelings, in turn learn how to teach myself to deal with them.
Being able to shut myself into my headphones while preparing a meal for the kids or whilst going to sleep meant I never needed to set a time , I could just listen as and when I felt the need.  I skipped backwards and forwards listening to certain sections again when I felt I wasn’t coping .
I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who finds themselves suffering with anxiety.’ 

Tina Humphreys


Hi Debbie 
‘I found the online course really useful, I was able to use it at home and complete the work which come with the podcasts. 
It wasn’t the same feeling as sitting in the chair in your room, and at first I was worried it wouldn’t be helpful but after completely the course I found it helped with my anxiety and made me feel more positive. 
I would definitely do an online course again.’
Thank you 

Amy Thrussell


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Q. Who is this course suitable for ?

This course can be used by anyone that suffers from anxiety. However , hypnosis is contra-indicated if you suffer from psychosis so please do not buy the course if you have ever been diagnosed with psychosis.

Q. What will I learn?

You will learn how to stop the cycle of negative thinking which keeps anxiety alive.
You will learn useful tools and techniques that can be used in your everyday life to help manage your own anxiety.

Q. Can I use this course if I am already in face to face therapy?


Q. What if I have suffered severe trauma, can this course help me ?

This course will help anyone that suffers from anxiety. However if you have suffered from severe trauma then I would suggest you consult with a counsellor that is trained in trauma in addition to using this course.

Q. When should I listen to the MP3s?

You can listen to the MP3s at any time as they do have an awakening at the end, however, please do not listen to whilst driving or operating dangerous machinery.

Q. Is there a possibility that I will not come out of hypnosis?

No. There is a wake up at the end of every MP3.

Q. How often should I listen to the MP3 for that week?

At least three times a week, but every night helps to strengthen the neural pathways. You cannot listen to them too much.

I have had lots of success with anxiety in my practice and all of the techniques included in this course have been taken from my client facing sessions, so you learn the same skills and benefit from the same information as you would if you came to see me in my practice. The only difference is that the course is more generalised than my individual courses.

If you were considering doing a more personalised live online course the online hypnotherapy for anxiety course is proportionately cheaper than the live online client facing courses so if you are unsure if you want to go ahead with a personalised course why not try the online hypnotherapy for anxiety course first?

This course can be combined very effectively with the face to face courses as you will already have learnt key psychological practices in managing your anxiety, we can then concentrate solely on the  personal issues and traumas you may have suffered when we meet.*

However , if you still prefer a more personalised and individual approach during the lock down  I am now offering live online courses which are conducted via ZOOM or whatsapp and the pricing is exactly the same as client facing courses.

If you would like to see a preview of the course just click on the link below and you will automatically be re-directed to the host page where you will find some more information about the course as well as an option to buy.

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Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *




I am happy to say that I am now working face to face with clients again. I have put in place strict Covid-19 safety measures in line with Government guidance to keep my clients safe .
I would ask that clients continue to choose online sessions over face to face sessions but I do appreciate that this does not suit all clients.


Any client wishing to work face to face will be asked to fill out a Covid-19 risk assessment and to sign a Covid-19 liability waiver.

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