Menopause and weight loss

menopause and weight loss

Weight loss hypnosis is one of my most popular therapies, but the most popular age range of  ladies I see is usually age 45 to 65. I believe that the reason for this is because perimenopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal females find it much harder to lose weight and keep it off than their younger counterparts. The main factors that make it difficult for menopausal ladies to lose weight include reduced levels of oestrogen, which leads to increased fat storage, loss of muscle mass which occurs naturally as we get older due to hormonal changes and decreased physical activity, and increased insulin resistance. Further to this abdominal fat increases during the menopause which can lead to increased health risks.

What is the answer to menopause and weight loss ?

Although we all know that a calorie deficit is required to lose weight, restricting calories too much during the menopause reduces muscle mass which can not only result in bone loss and osteoporosis, but will also slow down your metabolic rate.

Therefore it is important for menopausal women not to diet, but rather to eat enough of the right foods that will promote weight loss.


Research has shown that eating a diet that incorporates plenty of protein speeds up weight loss. Protein burns fat, keeps you full for longer and increases muscle mass. Therefore protein is especially important for menopausal women due to the natural loss of muscle mass as oestrogen levels reduce during this period of our lives.


It is important to increase insulin sensitivity during the menopause so incorporating high fibre foods such as avocados, brussel sprouts and broccoli is important.


Although It is essential to have a certain amount of carbs in your diet, research has shown that reducing high carbs has been proven to increase insulin sensitivity and reduce abdominal fat (ref 1).

A good rule of thumb when trying to reduce high carbs is to stay away from anything white, white bread , white pasta, white rice etc.


Ensure that you eat an adequate amount of dairy in your diet. Research shows that a good protein based diet combined with a sufficient amount of dairy can help you not only retain muscle mass but also lose fat (ref 2).


Drinking green teas has also shown to be effective in speeding up fat loss.


How can hypnosis help with menopause and weight loss?

It is essential to maintain a healthy balanced diet during the menopause. Not just sometimes when you are trying to shed a few pounds, but all the time. A nutritious and balanced diet rich with the right foods means that you will lose any excess weight and keep it off.

A healthy lifestyle means balanced hormones, less fat storage and increased insulin resistance.

With my personalised hyno-band weight loss course of hypnosis I can help you attain a healthy lifestyle by helping you to cut out all the bad foods such as sugar and carbs. I will help eliminate your own personal food demons from your diet. The hypno-band helps your subconscious believe that you have had the real hypno-band, so your stomach feels smaller, you feel less hungry, and you eat less AND LOSE WEIGHT!

If you need help with menopause and weight loss , please contact me on or call me on 01634307030. Please click on the following links weight loss , gastric band , binge eating for more information on my menopause and weight loss hypnotherapy.

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