Lose weight fast

Lose weight fast

When it comes to weight loss, promises to lose weight fast are not usually the kind of wording I like to use, BUT when I do have great success in my practice I do like to blog about it! And in this case ‘lose weight fast’ has certainly been the case.

I am always quite careful when  I am advertising my hypnosis for weight loss services. I always want to be as honest as possible, and  I never make  wild and wonderful promises or give people false expectations.

However, I have been having great success with the hypno-band weight loss system. I currently have six weight loss /hypno-band clients that are coming to the end of their nine week course. All but one (and I will talk about this anomaly a little more towards the end of this blog) have  lost medium to huge amounts of weight.  When I say medium weight loss, every one of my clients are losing a minimum of two pound a week, and as much as 9 pound a week.

For the moment however, I am going to talk about client no 1 and how he has successfully lost 2 stone 1 pound in six weeks.

This client came to me with six stone to lose, and at 24 stone he was bordering on becoming diabetic, at risk of heart attack, stroke and all the health problems that inevitably come with obesity. He had tried every diet in the book and was trying hypnosis as a last resort. He had never done any meditation or hypnosis in his life and had no idea what to expect.

We went through his food diary and his eating habits, and for someone so large,he did not seem to be eating huge amounts of food. He was a non-drinker so there were no empty calories coming from that arena.  His problem was that he had been eating the wrong foods for so long that the weight had piled on gradually over many years.  He was not aware that food that is high in carbohydrates contributes massively to weight gain and calorie intake. So although two sandwiches at lunch time seemed like a reasonably healthy option, he soon  realised that over breakfast lunch and dinner he was eating the equivalent of a loaf of bread a day. When he realised the calories this involved he was quite stunned. Added to this he was eating a muffin at lunch, pudding at dinner, and a couple of bags of crisps a day.  A lover of take aways, he was having a curry ,a chinese and a kebab, three to four times a week. With one take away curry being equivalent to a massive 2000 calories he was on a road to obesity just on take aways alone.

Can hypnotherapy help me Lose weight fast ?

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy works to change a client’s thought processes on a conscious and on a subconscious level. So in the case of client number one he  did not realise how high in calories his curry take aways were, and that if he cooked a curry himself at home, he could enjoy a delicious curry that was significantly lower in calories.

What he also did not realise was that protein burns fat, it fills you up and does not leave you with the listless tired feeling that you get when you have had a high carb meal. My client loved meat , so by changing his high carb meals to protein based meals he was still eating what he loved, but losing weight at the same time !  It was such an easy transition for him! We worked out a new eating plan for him that he loved and then we delivered the new eating plan using direct suggestion under hypnosis. The rest of the course we continued with gastric band hypnosis .

Week one he lost a massive amount of weight!! There is a huge amount of water retention with a person that has a high carbohydrate and sugar intake,so in the initial weeks of dietary changes there is always a greater loss seen than in later weeks. Nevertheless , my client went on to lose all the weight he had set out to lose , and by the end of the nine week course he was well on the way to reaching his target weight, he had fitted into his jeans and was able to put on summer shorts without feeling too self conscious.

So I would say that if I were to use this client as an example when advertising my services the term  ‘lose weight fast ‘would be a fairly accurate and honest description!*

With the real gastric band, it is reported that you can lose weight fast. In a nutshell,your stomach is smaller, you feel fuller more quickly  and you eat less food . The hypnotic gastric band aims to convince the subconscious that you have had a real gastric band fitted, effectively achieving the same results as if you had had the real band.*

The gastric band weight loss course is offered over a nine week period. The client will come to see me once a week every week for the first four weeks. The first session is a two hour session and we analyse the client’s eating habits, identify emotional triggers and narrow down what is causing their weight gain. They are supplied with a food diary which they are required to fill out every week for the duration of the nine weeks. The food diary is always an eye opener for clients and the first step in making cognitive behavioural changes.

Some people do have the misguided belief that hypnosis can make them  do things they wouldn’t normally do and magically cure them of their problems or ailments without any effort from themselves on a conscious level. However, as hypnotherapists, we cannot make you do anything you do not want to do, and we cannot snap our fingers and make you change…you need to want to change, we just help facilitate that change.

The reality is, that hypnosis IS a very powerful tool, and there is vast amount of research that is now proving that there are changes in brain patterns when we are under hypnosis. Research, by Parsons-Fein (1) suggested that ‘hypnosis can deautomatize certain brain processes for some people’.  In other words, hypnosis can override and control  brain regions that are responsible for a practiced event, which means in simple terms that habitual behaviours and bad behaviour patterns can be modified. This research was great news for hypnotherapists as there was finally neuroscientific proof from fMRI,ERPs and behavioural measures that showed that hypnosis was far more valuable and effective in the treatment of self destructive behaviours than was previously thought.  So for weight loss, targeting those destructive eating habits and behaviours with hypnosis really does work.*  However, if you really do not want that change , this can sometimes become apparent through hypnotic processes.  And this is where I go back to the start of this blog where I talked about how all but one of my recent weight loss clients did not lose weight.

Any successful and ethical hypnotherapist would never make promises or offer guarantees. I like to think of myself as a very open and honest therapist. So I do report my success with my failures. It is very easy to claim a 80 % or 100 % success rate, but who can actually prove this kind of claim? I do not think it is fair to do this ,notwithstanding the fact that it is actually very hard to supply success rates unless you do a statistical analysis on all your clients, and quite simply, I am a hypnotherapist, not an analyst.

My client that did not lose weight, had a childhood where she was deprived of food and was hungry a lot of the time. She had an abusive alcoholic father and she had gone on to have abusive relationship after abusive relationship in her adult life. It soon became evident throughout our session s that she did not want to lose weight. In her words ‘ every time I lose weight something bad happens to me’. Furthermore, she seemed to be losing weight in between sessions but every time she was due to come to me , she went on a massive binge the day before so the scales tipped her over the previous week.  She admitted that she had come to see at me as somebody that ‘she had to answer to’ and this made her rebel. This was all related to a controlling father figure.

I hear you ask the question ‘but surely hypnosis can override her thoughts and change what she is thinking? The answer to this is basically that this lady had such deep rooted psychological issues that these issues needed to be dealt with on a deeper level. She was so self destructive she was just not allowing herself to lose the weight she desperately wanted to lose.  She DID NOT WANT to lose weight. Her weight was keeping her safe. By helping her lose weight I was effectively taking away her feelings of safety. This lady needed help to understand that being slim was not dangerous. She had been on a journey of self discovery with her weight loss course, and she did finally come to  understand why she could not lose her weight no matter what she tried. Yes gastric-band hypnosis would work for this lady, but only after she had dealt with her deeper issues related to her childhood.

Hypnotherapy would certainly help with this trauma, but this lady needed to go backwards before she could go forward. And for her this meant counselling so that she could get to a point where she felt safe losing weight.

She went off to seek professional counselling with her issues, and I am hopeful that once she has dealt with these issues, my hypnotic weight loss suggestions will kick in and she will go on to lose the weight she wants to lose.

The subconscious works in weird and wonderful ways and there is no reason why my hypno-band sessions will not kick in and start to work when she is ready for that change to happen. Remember, with hypnosis, change is long lasting and just because this lady did not lose weight immediately, it does not mean that our hypnosis sessions will  not kick in once this lady has confronted and addressed her demons .*

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Research quoted

(1) Parsons-Fein, J. (2001). The hypnotic language of couples. In B. Geary & J.Zeig (Eds.) The handbook of Eriksonian psychotherapy (pp. 458-468). Phoenix, AZ: The Milton H. Erikson Foundation Press

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *


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