Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying Kent

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means flights to those amazing holiday destinations.

But what if your fear of flying to your holiday destination is leaving you crippled with anxiety?

Here at DO Hypnosis Kent, hypnotherapy for fear of flying  can help you overcome your fear in as little as six sessions*. BOOK NOW

We know that fear of flying can make a person extremely anxious and induce very real physiological responses such as sweating, vomiting, chest pains, feeling faint, and increased heart rate.Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

These are all responses that occur when our fight or flight response is triggered.

For people that fear flying these responses can start to occur weeks before the flight takes place, as they arrive at the airport, or as they board the plane. It really is different for each person.

However, in all cases the person has no control of how or when these responses occur. In extreme cases people can experience panic attacks.

For some people their fear of flying means that they simply never get on a plane, never go abroad, and maybe even never get to see the relatives that live even a small flight journey away.

For others, they do manage to actually get on a plane and fly to places but the whole experience is extremely traumatic from the minute they board to the minute they disembark. Then they  start to worry about the return journey before they have even finished their holiday.

The good news is, hypnosis is very effective in helping people overcome their fear of flying.*

There can be a number of reasons why people develop a fear of flying, but there always is an underlying reason.

The fear of flying may be as a result of severe past trauma, for example, being on a very turbulent flight, or being on a flight where the captain had to make an emergency landing. Or even being on a plane that has been hijacked.

There may be a series of negative events that reinforce each other and culminate in a fear of flying.

This could be anything that the client may have already experienced or even not experienced personally. Just witnessing a traumatic event involving flying could result in a fear that can then develop into a flying phobia.

Many people that witnessed the planes flying into the twin towers on television developed a flying phobia after this traumatic international event.

Off course those people that were very close to the event are more likely to fear getting on a plane than anyone, but nevertheless, it proves how susceptible our minds are to traumatic scenes even when it is not something we have experienced ourselves

The phobia may have been learnt from another person. For example, if your mother was scared of flying, this fear can be inherited. Anyone who is in close contact, whether it be a friend, relative or neighbour, can transit a fear.

Other reasons for flying phobias could be completely unrelated to any trauma.

For example, you may be suffering with claustrophobia without even realising it, and being on a plane makes you feel closed in, hence the fear and anxiety builds.

It could be that you are generally an anxious person anyway, and fear of flying is just another thing that you become anxious about.

My approach to hypnotherapy for fear of flying

I use a variety of approaches to help with fear of flying, these include psychodynamic or analytical approaches to establish a link between the phobic symptoms and any earlier unresolved conflict.

Relaxation is absolutely fundamental to overcoming the fear of flying, so my focus will be on getting you to relax before and during the flight. To do this we teach you self hypnosis that you can use whenever the need arises and so that have you total control over your own fear. *

In my hypnotherapy for fear of flying sessions I use a relaxation and hypno-desensitisation approaches, which effectively helps rid you of the stimulus that is invoking your anxiety.*

You will be given a personalised mp3 to take home and listen to in between sessions to aid your therapeutic progress.

So if you have a holiday planned and are terrified to fly, or if you want to book a holiday but are too scared to as you know you can’t stand the thought of flying, get in touch now to book your Hypnotherapy for fear of flying course now at DO Hypnosis Kent by submitting the contact form or call me now 07766715265.

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