Hypnotherapy for depression

Clinical hypnotherapy for depression Kent

(Six session course)

How can clinical hypnotherapy for depression with Do Hypnosis Kent help you manage  your depression?

Man with depression crying during psychotherapy session

At Do Hypnosis Kent I can get to the route of the depression and address it at its core, that is… the subconscious mind….*

Thanks to psychological research we now know that there are many factors that can contribute to a person becoming depressed and it is not due to genetic make-up or biological factors (with the exception of bipolar and manic depression).

Yes there are  biological factors involved such as hormone imbalances and low serotonin levels , BUT these imbalances are caused by a variation of lifestyle factors, environmental factors, social factors ,and physical factors (such as illness) .

Most GP’S will treat depression with antidepressants , but this is really a ‘one size fits all approach’.

Antidepressants treat a chemical imbalance in the brain. But effectively, taking an antidepressant is like putting a small plaster over a gaping wound. Why?…. Because the underlying cause that triggered the depression in the first place has not been dealt with.  What happens when you come off the antidepressants ? The issue that caused the depression in the first place is still there .

My clinical hypnotherapy for depression course combined with cognitive behavioural  therapy means that  the first thing I will do is look at the TRIGGER to your depression.*

The first session with me will be an in depth analysis of your life and any negative life events that could be contributing towards your depression.*

Depression can be triggered by any of the following life events :

  • Bereavement
  • Divorce or relationship breakdown
  • Illness (pain)
  • Redundancy
  • Job or money worries
  • Bullying
  • Retirement
  • Childbirth
  • Loneliness
  • Drugs and /or alcohol
  • Personality ( low self esteem, being self critical)
  • Family depression (learned depressive behaviours)
  • Environmental and Social factors (poverty, domestic violence ,financial hardship)
  • Trauma – past or present ( rape, child abuse, neglect, domestic violence)

As can be seen above, the list of reasons why people become depressed is endless, BUT for  each person that is depressed there is nearly always a triggering event (or events ) or ongoing current issues that need resolving . Importantly though, every single person is different and every issue is different, and this is why ultimately antidepressants as a one size fits all medical treatment will not be effective in the long term and will not FIX the problem once and for all.

Why is clinical hypnotherapy for depression an effective  treatment?*

I will look at all aspects of your life, past and present and address ALL issues both in and out of hypnotherapy.* Once we have conducted the first session together, I will compose a personalised therapy plan that will include cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, as well as practical solutions to boost serotonin and hormone levels (which are usually depleted in depressed people).*

The beauty of hypnotherapy, is that it is a very fast and effective therapy that targets the subconscious. Revisiting trauma on a conscious level can often re-traumatise a client, and this is why talking therapies can often be unsuccessful and long winded (many  sessions over long time frames ).

Unlike talking psychotherapies there is no need to keep re-visiting any trauma on a conscious or verbal level (after the first session) as most therapy is conducted under hypnosis .*

Hypnosis as a therapy is beautifully relaxing and often people have no memory of trauma resolution after they come out of hypnosis. This is because the subconscious mind will always protect the conscious mind.*

My clinical hypnotherapy for depression course is conducted over six sessions .

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Please note – Hypnotherapy is an adjunctive therapy to medical treatments and is conducted alongside your GP’S recommendations. Never stop taking medication that has been prescribed by your doctor without consulting your doctor first.

I am a member of CNHC who is regulated by the Professional Standards Authority. By doing a quick search on the Professional Standards Authority website you will find me listed under CNHC my accredited body.



Please see what the NHS say about hypnotherapy


Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *

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