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Stop smoking help, Whitstable.

Stop smoking for just £195.00 in one session of hypnotherapy at DO Hypnosis Kent.

If you are reading this page you have probably already tried all the other more ‘traditional’ and ‘cheaper’ methods of giving up smoking without success.

So why then, would the quit smoking hypnosis Kent session be any different?

How will your quit smoking hypnosis Kent programme help me kick the habit?

Quit smoking hypnosis Kent Here at DO Hypnosis Kent I can help empower you to give up smoking using the most modern and up to date hypnosis / hypnotherapy techniques. * My quit smoking hypnosis Kent session utilises powerful, cutting edge and University accredited techniques designed to help you become a non-smoker.* Unlike many ‘one size fits all approaches’ my treatment plan is different in that it is personalised to each and every client.

This means that in our first session I will analyse your lifestyle, why you started smoking in the first place and reasons why you are finding it difficult to stop. These reasons can be simple to address but sometimes they can often be quite complex and buried deep in the subconscious.

Smokers often believe they continue to smoke ‘because they are ‘addicted’, and ‘can’t stop’ but are often surprised to find out there may be other reasons they cling to the habit, that they weren’t even aware of themselves . These reasons become ingrained in the subconscious, and these are what are stopping you from giving up.

Quit smoking hypnosis Kent – two stage plan

This is why my hypnotherapy Kent quit smoking session is so successful in helping people to stop smoking. *By establishing the subconscious triggers and emotional blocks, we then go about changing those thought patterns using the age old powerful techniques of hypnosis.*

Through hypnosis, I can help you take back control, save money, improve your life and increase your lifespan.*

When you quit smoking with hypnosis there are no nasty side effects, and in only one session you can become a non-smoker. *

After you have undergone my Do Hypnosis Kent to quit smoking session my aim is that you will leave with re-newed willpower and a different mindset.*

Stop smoking withdrawal

Smoking is a serious addiction so for many people withdrawal can be quite serious and the reason why a person may struggle to stop smoking , or start again after they have already stopped .

Withdrawal is fully addressed in all of my stop smoking sessions, and most clients do not experience withdrawal at all after undergoing the quit smoking hypnosis Kent session.  However, every client is different and it would be impossible and untruthful to claim that I can predict the level of withdrawal ( if any ) each client is likely to experience.*

At Do Hypnosis Kent my primary aim is that you will be a non-smoker for the rest of your life when you walk out of my practice. *

You will be also be supplied with a stop smoking mp3 to take home to set you on your self -hypnosis journey.

This will empower you to take control of your own life even after you have left me.*

What happens when you stop smoking?

Most smokers nowadays are fully aware of the health issues that can arise if they smoke , but often it may come as a surprise as to how quickly your body heals when you put out that last cigarette and embark on your new life as a non-smoker .

This change starts to happen within as little as twenty minutes! At this point your blood pressure and pulse rate returns to normal.

By the time you have been 8 hours without a cigarette, nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood is half what it was.

At 48 hours you will notice that you start to cough, effectively all that nasty debris and mucous is now leaving your lungs and you have no nicotine or carbon monoxide left in your lungs.

At 72 hours you are breathing easier and you are wondering where all this energy is coming from.

In only one year you are 50% less likely to suffer from heart disease. In 5 years you are 50% less likely to have a heart attack,

and in ten years you are 50% less likely to contract lung cancer. You will have increased your life by as much as 14 years!

Men – The great news for men? You will have significantly harder erections now that you are a non –smoker, this can only be good news for your sex life!

Women – The reality is that women that smoke have horrid lines around the lips from drawing on a cigarette all day. Smokers age much quicker than non-smokers. As a smoker you are in a permanent state of dehydration. As soon as you give up, hydration increases, your skin will look better and wrinkles will not develop as quickly. If you are worried about picking up weight if you stop smoking, please trust us when we say ‘WEIGHT GAIN IS JUST AN EXCUSE NOT TO STOP SMOKING!

However, weight gain is addressed in my stop smoking Kent treatment plans, and the aim is that you will not replace one bad habit with another.*
Planning a baby? Or struggling to fall pregnant? Fertility levels improve when you give up smoking.*

Stop smoking =  Financial gain !

How much money are you saving if you smoke one packet of cigarettes every day? If we take an average price of £6 per packet, that’s £180 per month. You can actually buy a new car for that amount of money each month! Now let’s see what you save in a year? A whopping £2160! A fantastic holiday in the sunshine!

One session with me is roughly the equivalent of one month of cigarettes, so the question is not ‘can you afford my fee’? But rather, can you afford not to give up smoking!

Hypnotherapy is not yet a regulated profession so there may be people that claim to be hypnotherapists, but have actually not had any good quality training. For this reason it is very important to choose someone that is properly qualified before you part with your well earned cash. I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and completed my training with the University of West London. I also hold a first degree in Psychology, so you can be assured I am a bona-fide properly trained Clinical hypnotherapist who adheres to strict ethical guidelines.

I am based at Chill at Treetops, Wraik Hill ,Whitstable and easily accessible from the Thanet Way which means I am also accessible for all the major surrounding towns  in the area, including: Faversham, Herne Bay, Chestfield, and Swalecliffe, Canterbury, Ramsgate, Margate, and 25 minutes down the M2,Bredhurst, Chatham, Rainham, Parkwood, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Maidstone, Wigmore, and more.

So don’t procrastinate any longer, just take that step and give me a call now to find out more about quit smoking hypnosis Kent 07766715265 so that we can start to change your life today!

One session £195.00.



Please submit the contact form if you would like to pay by electronic transfer or call me on 07766715265.


Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. 

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