Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent

Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent (Whitstable)

How can hypnotherapy weight loss Kent help me?*

At Do Hypnosis I currently offer two weight loss programmes.

My Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent programme is aimed at clients with less than a stone to lose.  Generally these groups of clients do not need to resort to a Hypno-band as hypnosis for simple lifestyle changes will often be enough.* This weight loss programme can be completed in four sessions at a price of £395.00 The first session is (up to) an hour and a half  long, then there will be a further three separate 45 minute to one hour sessions.

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For clients that have over one and a half stone to lose I offer the Hypno-band Kent . The hypno-band is also conducted over four sessions. The first session is (up to)one and a half hours long and the remaining three sessions are each 45 minutes to an hour long. The hypno-band is an eight week programme where you can expect to lose a significant amount of weight to set you off on your weight loss journey.* The cost of this is £395.00.

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Please see below for further details.

Research has shown time and time again that the majority of weight problems are as a direct result of bad diet and lack of exercise. To add insult to injury, many  people who lose weight through dieting will go on to put back all the weight they have lost, and more.

Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent

How can hypnotherapy help me lose weight?

Here at Do Hypnosis the first thing I will do is establish the reason you are overweight.*

I will do this by looking at what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat.

When I say how you eat, there could be a variety of factors at play.

  • You may be an emotional eater, so if you are suffering with stressful issues in your life, emotional eating could be contributing to your weight gain.
  • It may be something as simple as portion sizes
  • It could be that you are a binge eater.
  • It could just be that you love chocolate, and you need willpower to stop yourself from eating it!
  • Or it could be that you don’t exercise, hate exercise, but want to try and incorporate a form of exercise into your life, and want to change your thought patterns regarding this.
  • There may even be self esteem issues related to past traumas, so you subconsciously eat more to keep yourself unattractive.  For this we would use advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques to get to the route of any problems in your past that may be causing you to sabotage your weight loss. Hypnotherapy can be very effective for resolving past traumas related to weight gain.*

Most people who are overweight will not even admit to themselves that they eat too much, drink too much or eat badly, and it can be a real learning curve when they take the time to look at their own diet and understand where the calories are racking up.

Whatever the reason for your weight gain, I will get to the bottom of it with my Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent Programme.*

What methods will you use to help me lose weight?

Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent (under a stone to lose).

Once we know where you are going wrong, I can then address this under hypnosis.

I will set you realistic weight loss goals and we will work towards these goals together. We will work on reducing your appetite, increasing your willpower, changing your thought patterns about food and thus altering your eating habits.* If we need to we will address past traumas and insecurities.* (Weight gain related to past traumas will require six sessions).

And as part of my weight loss Kent programme, I always work on building your self esteem and self confidence in your own ability to lose the weight you want to lose.*

My hypnotherapy for weight loss Kent programme is completely tailored to every individual client.

I do not use ‘a one size fits all approach’ so you can be assured that the treatment you will be receiving will be the best treatment for you and you alone.

The Modern hypnotherapy techniques I use are a very personalised and individualised form of treatment and my success with my weight loss clients can be attributed to this.*

Hypnotherapy weight loss Kent with the Hypno-band Kent programme (over a stone to lose).

My Hypno-band programme Kent is for people that have greater amounts of weight to lose and have a body mass index over 30 or who have over one and a half stone to lose.

The hypno-band has been highly publicised in the media, and can help people who need that extra little bit of self discipline to control what they eat.

Under hypnosis, your subconscious mind is made to believe that you have a gastric band fitted.*

Your body responds to your imaginary gastric band in the same way it would respond to a real gastric band, but obviously there are no dangerous side effects, no risky operations, and no huge financial outlay, and of course the imaginary gastric band can easily be removed under hypnosis at any time.

If you are largely overweight, do not suffer from diabetes and do not have a physiological reason for your weight gain then this could be the system for you. The cost of the hypno-band is £450.00 and this is conducted over four sessions.  Please see my separate hypno-band page for more information if you are interested in this form of weight loss.*

My hypno-band programme is combined with my own personal techniques to make it as individually effective as possible.

With hypnotherapy to lose weight, I aim to help empower you to change the habits of lifetime and establish new habits.*

There is no starving yourself, fad diets, diet pills or risky operations.*

You are simply taking control of your life and your body a in a gentle, healthy and holistic way.*

Please note, weight loss is a process and needs a minimum of four sessions in order to start seeing results. Therefore a commitment to one of the above programmes is required for booking.

Free telephone consultation

If you want to lose weight, or simply want to know more about my weight loss programs ,please feel free to call on 07766715265 for a free telephone consultation or by submitting the contact form with any questions you may have .

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. 

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