Hypnotherapy for confidence Kent

Hypnotherapy for confidence Kent

Anybody that has ever suffered with lack of self confidence or low self esteem will know what a major impact this can have on your life, professionally, socially and in your relationships. Our Hypnotherapy for confidence Kent courses can help empower you to gain the confidence you need to lead the life you want to live.*

Lack of confidence can stop you making friends, leaving you feeling lonely and isolated. It can stop you progressing up the career ladder, as you do not have the confidence to speak up to make yourself heard and get yourself noticed.

Hypnotherapy for confidence Kent It can stop you taking advantage of great opportunities, it can stop you meeting the love of your life, stop you from taking driving lessons, in fact there are so many ways that lack of confidence can affect your life in a negative way, that they are too numerous to mention here .

Once you have gained confidence in yourself as a person and realise yourself as a valuable human being, you will notice how your life will start to change for the better.

You will start stepping out of your comfort zone and taking advantage of opportunities that you would never have dreamt of attempting previously, your life can only improve when you have the self confidence to make it happen. Here at DO Hypnosis I will help you overcome your own personal barriers with my hypnotherapy for confidence Kent courses .*

These barriers could have been created at any time during your life. It could be that a parent or sibling constantly told you how useless you were as you were growing up, or it could be one negative comment by somebody that you looked up to that had a huge impact on you.

It could be your own self limiting beliefs, set up by fear of failure because you failed at something once.

Any or all negative experiences can result in negative self talk which is always at the route of lack of self confidence. ‘I can’t’ …..And …..’ I am not good enough’, become normal words used in your internal vocabulary.

The first thing I will do as a hypnotherapist treating confidence issues, is try to get to the route of why the confidence issues started in the first place.* I use modern and advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques in my hypnosis Confidence courses to do this.

You may already know why you have confidence issues, and that is great, but if you don’t, I will help you find out why.

This is why hypnotherapy can be so successful. Often we can find out things that are buried so deep in your unconscious mind that you were not even aware of it yourself!*

You may be lacking in self confidence in only one area or your life, and I can easily work on this.*

For example, you may have been involved in a minor car accident when you were younger and now you do not have the self-confidence to learn how to drive.

As a hypnotherapist I will help you overcome this fear using various different techniques personalised to you.*

Hypnotherapy for confidence Kent and  low self–esteem

If your self confidence issues are related to low self –esteem issues, I will work with you to not only get to the root of what caused these issues in the first place but also to help re-build your opinion of yourself and to make you feel like a valued human being again.*

Ego strengthening techniques are performed in all hypnotherapy sessions, so after any hypnotherapy Kent session you will always leave feeling great.*

However, with low self esteem issues we work on changing your internal negative self talk, challenging existing ideas that you hold about yourself, working on your fear of how other people view you, and helping you recognise why you have low self esteem in the first place, this is a very important step.*

Low self esteem is usually accompanied by destructive habits that reduce your energy, motivation and ability to reflect on things in a positive way. We can help you work on these habits to get you back to optimum health.

Free telephone consultation

If you are interested in Hypnotherapy for confidence Kent courses or think you need help with confidence or self esteem issues please call me now on 07766715265 for an informal free telephone consultation or submit the contact form.

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. 

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