Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

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How can hypnotherapy help with my anxiety?

At Do Hypnosis Kent I can help you determine the cause of your underlying anxiety and help you to take back control of your life using advanced relaxation and distraction techniques.*

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is an amazingly relaxing therapy and the techniques I use are specifically designed to calm and de-stress you.

Each session with me will help leave you feeling calm, refreshed and more in control of your own feelings and thoughts. * I target the subconscious with positive direct suggestion aimed at changing your thought patterns so that you are living more in ‘the now’ than worrying about the future, or worrying about things that may never happen.*

If you have not had hypnotherapy for anxiety before then I would recommend a course of four sessions to start with (£250.00). This will enable me to teach you a variety of techniques which will empower you to manage your own anxiety even when you are no longer working with me.

First of all I will assess your symptoms and look at the causes of your anxiety. This will enable me to compose a personalised therapy plan for you.

This course of four sessions also includes taught self hypnosis, taught breathing exercises for panic attacks as well as breathing techniques to reduce anxiety overall.

I also use Cognitive behavioural therapy to help you understand and ‘normalise’ your anxiety, effectively helping to reduce the fear and the negative feelings and thoughts that are at the route of most anxieties.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a comprehensive course of therapy and is very effective in helping you to reduce anxiety.

I help to empower YOU to make the changes you need to live the life you want to lead.

Some clients prefer a one off course of treatment , some clients prefer to come and see me once a month in order to have continued support.

The more sessions that are booked the cheaper it becomes. Individual sessions cost £70.00.

However for a four session course of treatment the cost is £250.00,which is a saving of £30.00 across the four sessions.

For further information on hypnotherapy for anxiety prices and my block sessions please see my prices page.

To book a course of hypnotherapy for anxiety please email me on enquiries@dohypnosiskent.co.uk or for a free telephone consultation please call Debbie on 07766715265.

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety is a built–in response carried forward from our ancestors designed to help protect ourselves from any perceived threats. At a time when humans were pursued by wild predators, adrenalin and cortisol would be released into the body which created the ‘fight or flight response ‘crucial to our survival.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety KentSo what happens in the modern world when we face a perceived threat such as a bullying boss, a threatening letter for that tax bill you can’t afford, or text message on your husband’s phone that suggests he is having an affair?

Your body still reacts in the same way as if a tiger had jumped out at you!

The physical changes still occur, your heart beats faster and stronger which increases blood pressure, you’re breathing becomes more rapid, you will start to sweat and your digestive system will shut down.

While Years ago you could utilise the fight or flight response to run away from a tiger, or stand and fight, the problem that occurs in modern day life is you cannot run away from your boss, from an exam, or from any other major event, in the same way that you cannot fight your boss (or we hope not if you want to keep your job!) So this fight or flight response has been activated but not released, so you remain in a permanent state of arousal and have been unable to release the pent up tension.

We all suffer with anxiety from time, and sometimes a small amount of anxiety can actually be good for you and will keep you alert and improve your performance.

However, when we react in this way to situations or perceived threats on a regular basis and or remain in this heightened state for long periods of time, this is where health problems may start to occur.

Long term anxiety can lead to a variety of health concerns such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, panic attacks and panic disorder. All of these can be seriously harmful to your health and potentially dangerous, resulting in heart attacks, strokes and many other serious illnesses.

Here at DO Hypnosis Kent I can help manage your anxiety with advanced and modern hypnotherapy for anxiety techniques.*

Anxiety help

What are the symptoms of anxiety and how can hypnotherapy for anxiety help?

Physical symptoms include feeling sick, chest pains, and headaches, sweating, feeling faint, loss of appetite, increased rate of breathing, heart palpitations, and irregular heartbeat or pounding heart, butterflies in your stomach. If these symptoms are occurring on a regular basis, you may be suffering from anxiety.

I will also teach you how to manage your own anxiety using breathing techniques and self – hypnosis to empower you to manage your anxiety even when you are not with me *.

Am I suffering from anxiety? How do I know if I am suffering from anxiety or if it is just a short term thing that will pass on its own?

If you have something going on in your life which is short term but puts you under pressure you wouldn’t normally feel, such as moving home, writing an exam, divorce etc , it may be perfectly normally to feel anxious, and this may pass once you have finished your exam, moved into that lovely new home , passed your driving test etc. Short term anxiety could even be related to something as simple as wedding nerves.

I can help to calm you, and prepare you for any event, or help get you through a particularly difficult time with MY hypnotherapy for anxiety Kent programme for short term anxiety.*

If however, this state of anxiety continues even though there are no significant events occurring in your life, or after that significant event has passed, then you may be suffering from long term anxiety which is much more serious.

Panic disorder/Panic attacks

Panic attacks are often accompanied by a sense of impending doom or danger, and/or an urge to escape, a fear of dying or going crazy. Physical symptoms include , feeling short or breath, feelings of being smothered, increased heart rate and/or heart palpitations, trembling, shaking, chills, dizziness, sweating, chest pain. The American Psychiatric Association classify a person as having a panic attack if they have experienced 4 or more of the above symptoms develop at any one time and within ten minutes .

How can hypnotherapy for anxiety help manage panic attacks and panic disorder?

Panic attacks can occur as a symptom on their own, or they can present with another condition such as phobias. If you think you are having panic attacks which are related to a specific phobia such as agoraphobia, social phobia etc, please look at our phobia page.

If you are suffering panic attacks that are anxiety related, I can work with you to try and establish the particular trigger. You may know what this is, but often it is buried deep within your subconscious mind. Understanding the trigger is important, and you may not be aware of what this is yourself.

Once I have established the trigger I will work with you on a subconscious level to help you not only recognize the onset of an attack, but also prevent an attack from occurring. I will analyze your lifestyle and address any concerns under hypnosis as well as teach you calming techniques and self hypnosis which will help you continue to live a life free of panic attacks even after you have finished your sessions with me.*

When a person experiences recurrent unexpected panic attacks, with concern that another will occur (at least a month) this is referred to as panic disorder. The patient will often worry about the consequences of another panic attack occurring, and this factor alone can increase anxiety and in turn increase the likelihood of a panic attack.

At DO Hypnosis Kent, with my hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks programme, I will address the cause of the panic attacks as well as the fear related to a panic attack occurring. My calming techniques and taught self hypnosis will help you get back to living a normal life.

The cost of a six session face to face course of hypnotherapy for anxiety is £370, and a four session course is £250. Please drop me an email to get your dates booked in.

If you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy for anxiety Kent please give me a call now on 07766715265 for a free telephone consultation or submit the contact form.

Alternatively if you would simply just like to book your course of therapy right away please drop me an email at enquiries@dohypnosiskent.co.uk and I will make send you payment details and available dates that suit your schedule.

I am a member of CNHC who is regulated by the Professional Standards Authority. By doing a quick search on the Professional Standards Authority website you will find me listed under CNHC my accredited body.



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Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. 

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