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Anybody that has lived with agoraphobia will know how it can completely change the way you live your life. It can inhibit your life to such a great degree that you may not even step outside of your own home anymore.

Hypnosis for agoraphobia can help you overcome your fear of going outside, your fear of crowds, your fear of wide open spaces, and any fear that relates to your agoraphobia .*

Here at Do Hypnosis Kent I have a hypnosis for agoraphobia course that will help manage your fears, your panic attacks and your anxiety that is related to your agoraphobic responses.*In just four sessions hypnosis for agoraphobia can help you overcome your agoraphobia, and help you lead the life you want to lead *.

Please see prices for block bookings of four sessions.

Agoraphobia is quite a complex phobia that can manifest in a combination of fears but the most common fears are

  • Fear of leaving the home and going outside of the house or ‘safe area’
  • Fear of wide open spacesHypnosis for agoraphobia
  • Fear of certain situations that make the sufferer feel endangered
  • g. fear of being in a crowd
  • fear of being in a queue
  • fear of travelling on public transport
  • fear of tunnels
  • fear of bridges
  • fear of walking up/down hills

The situations listed above may be the most common fears associated with agoraphobia, and the sufferer may suffer with one of the above fears, or a combination of the above fears, or even fears not listed here.  But essentially the fear is based around ‘feeling unsafe’ or’ in danger’ in any given situation.

Do I have agoraphobia ?

There are many fears very personal to the sufferer that can manifest as a result of the agoraphobia.

For example, a person that suffers from agoraphobia may initially fear wide open spaces, so they start to avoid wide open spaces. The fear then progresses to fear of the wind, so they stop going out on a windy day, then they fear the rain, until eventually there are so many fears associated with going outside the sufferer will end up not leaving the house at all.

Or the sufferer  may only suffer with one fear, fear of wide open spaces, but if they live in an area with wide open spaces right outside their front door this may be enough to stop them going outside altogether.

Somebody that fears public transport and can’t drive may find that they end up giving up their job as they can’t get to work without using public transport, or they may end up spending fortunes of money on taxis to get to work rather than using the underground.

When somebody is suffering from agoraphobia they will go to extreme lengths to avoid the situation they fear

The fear and anxiety that they feel about any given situation is always out of proportion to the actual situation, and the sufferer will endure extreme distress and anxiety when they are subjected to the situation they fear.  They know that their fear is out of proportion to the situation but they cannot overcome the intense fear they feel, and this is because they really are feeling the fear as if there is real imminent danger!

My hypnosis for agoraphobia programme works to reduce and de-sensitise the fear and anxiety you feel towards your given situation.* In order to do this I use exposure, desensitisation and breathing techniques. These techniques are taught both in and out of hypnosis to have the maximum effect on the conscious and the subconcious mind.*

Hypnosis for agoraphobia and Panic attacks

Very often, people that suffer with agoraphobia will be suffering with some form of panic disorder that is related to a traumatic event that has happened in the past or that is still happening, and therefore will also suffer panic attacks as a result of the phobia.

If you are having a panic attack you may feel like you are choking, you may feel dizzy, you may experience chest pain, increased breathing faintness or heart palpitation. Exposure to the situation the agoraphobic fears can result in a panic attack, which then compounds the fear of the situation making the sufferer avoid the situation they fear even more. Here at Do Hypnosis Kent in Gillingham I can help manage your panic attacks and empower you to take back control of your life.*

Agoraphobia and anxiety

Certain situations can make a person more susceptible to being anxious and therefore more susceptible to developing agoraphobia. These include

  • Bereavement
  • A traumatic childhood with sexual or physical abuse
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence or abuse or living in a controlling relationship where you are verbally abused and/or controlled by your partner
  • Losing your job
  • Retiring
  • Depression
  • Mental illness
  • Alcohol and drug abuse

When I treat you with hypnosis for agoraphobia I will always take into consideration what is happening in your life, which could be some of the above situations or other situations not mentioned here.*

Whatever the anxiety you are suffering with this is always taken into consideration when I tailor make your hypnotherapy treatment plan.*

My hypnosis for agoraphobia programme is four to six sessions of treatment. I request that you book in and pay for a minimum of four sessions to ensure you receive optimum benefit from your hypnosis sessions, but thereafter, further sessions required are paid for on a session by session basis. If you need help and would like to try hypnotherapy for agoraphobia in Gillingham, or you live in Kent and would like to come and see me, I am just off junction 4 of the M2 and in close proximity to the following main towns:

  • Chatham
  • Rochester
  • Sittingbourne
  • Rainham
  • Maidstone

If you would like to discuss your issues please feel free to give me a call on 01634307030. Alternatively please email me on enquiries@dohypnosiskent.co.uk for further information on hypnosis for  for agoraphobia in kent.

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