Gastric band hypnotherapy Kent

Why should you try the Gastric band hypnotherapy Kent?

One of my popular treatments at the moment is Hypnotherapy for weight loss and particularly popular is the Gastric band hypnotherapy Kent treatment plan.

So many people these days have such fast paced and busy lives, it’s no surprise really that there is no time for healthy eating or a good exercise regime. Many people are grabbing a quick sandwich and a bag of crisps at lunchtime, maybe a chocolate bar from the vending machine in the office cafeteria and then a microwave meal last thing at night before they collapse for a few minutes of chill time at the end of the day.

Clearly this does not describe everyone’s day or indeed everyone’s eating habits but research HAS shown that most people actually eat more than they think they do. Take a look at the link below about metabolism.

gastric band hypnotherapy KentNot only do people eat more than they think they do, WHAT they eat has a huge impact on weight gain. It’s quite simple really. To lose weight and maintain it you need to eat a healthy BALANCED diet. If you have a diet high in carbohydrates, you will pick up weight, a diet high in fat…and you will pick up weight.

We all know about the huge publicity around the detrimental effects of too much sugar.

People I see for weight loss complain time and time again about how they feel they are constantly on a diet, and feeling constantly deprived. Nobody enjoys feeling deprived, especially of food, so it can be pretty depressing feeling this way.

The fact of the matter is a diet may work in the short term, but if you do not continue to make lifestyle changes you will just pack all the weight back on and more when you come off the diet.

Yo-yo dieting is bad for your metabolism and bad for your health.

To lose weight, you need to make permanent life style changes.

Now I am not talking giving up chocolate, wine or fast food forever. What I am talking about is analysing, what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat, and making small lifestyle changes that are barely noticeable to start with.

Imagine you eat one chocolate bar every day and one bag of crisps every day. Then you have a breakfast high in carbohydrates, e.g. two slices of toast, a sandwich at lunch time (more carbohydrates) chips at dinner time (more carbohydrates).

You might not think you have eaten a lot, but what you have eaten contains too many carbohydrates to lose weight and maintain it (unless you have   good exercise routine).

Simply changing what you have for breakfast or cutting out the chips at dinner time will make a difference to weight gain.

You might say to me you eat really healthily but every night you have two large glasses of wine with dinner. This adds up to a whopping 2100 calories per week! Cut that back to one glass a night, or a couple of nights off, and bingo, you have already reduced your calorie intake.

So how can Gastric band hypnotherapy Kent help with my weight loss ?

Cognitive Behavioural therapy combined with Hypnotherapy works for weight loss because a good hypnotherapist will firstly analyse what you eat, if there are any emotional connections to how you eat, and how much you eat. All these factors are then incorporated into the hypnotherapy session to help re-enforce and strengthen new desired thought patterns and behaviours deep within the subconscious.*

The Gastric band hypnotherapy Kent treatment plan not only consists of an analysis of what ,how and when you eat, and incorporates everything I have talked about above , it also has the added advantage that you will want to eat less due to the fact your subconscious believes you have had a gastric balloon fitted.*

For people that are considered to be clinically obese and have a lot of weight to lose and need a real kick start to their weight loss, the Hypno-band Kent is ideal.

What is the Hypno-band?

In a nutshell, the Hypno-band is a virtual Gastric band. In others words, under hypnotherapy, your subconscious is led to believe that you have had a real gastric band fitted.

What is a real gastric band?

A real gastric band involves having a silicone device fitted around the upper section of the stomach, effectively reducing your stomach size thus restricting the amount of food you can comfortably eat.

This is a surgical procedure, and as with all procedures there may be risks and complications, not to mention large financial outlay.

So what will happen if I have a hypno-band fitted?

Over four sessions under hypnosis, you will be led through the pre-surgical procedures, the actual operation, and finally post op procedures. We aim to make your subconscious  believe that you have had a real gastric band fitted. We aim for you to want to eat less and not feel as hungry. *You will have no side effects; no complications, no massive financial outlay and you will start to see yourself lose weight!

What could be easier!

At £395 the Hypno-band is a fraction of the cost of real surgery so why would anyone want to have a surgical gastric band (which by the way is not guaranteed) if they have not tried the Hypno-band first? Why not try Gastric band hypnotherapy Kent for your weight loss.

Call me on 01634307030 to discuss your weight loss or to book your appointment.

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *




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