Fertility hypnosis Kent

Fertility hypnosis Kent (and IVF support)

Fertility hypnosis KentMore and more research is starting to show that psychological factors often play a huge role in the inability of a couple to conceive.

It is now well known that psychological intervention can lead to conception, and hypnosis has become a popular therapy to aid couples in their desire to start a family.*

In 1979 Professor Langer conducted a research study on ‘how the thoughts affect the mind’

Her results were ground breaking and showed that our thoughts can have a profound effect on our bodies. Her study was documented in the film Counter clockwise.

Is it any surprise then that how we think can affect our fertility and ability to conceive?

There are two types of infertility;

Primary infertility, where neither partner has conceived before, and

Secondary infertility, an inability to conceive after conception has previously occurred.

Here at Do Hypnosis we will explore any underlying psychological factors that may be affecting your ability to conceive with our Fertility hypnosis Kent programme.*

If you are undergoing IVF treatment we can help support your treatment with our hypnotherapy for infertility hypnosis course.

Female infertility

We will discuss any concerns that you may have about being a mother.

This could be related to negative past experiences (your own or other people’s negative experiences that have been pushed on you).

It could be issues with becoming pregnant and/or your femininity, feelings of failure, or how having a baby would affect your career and/or relationship.

There may be pressure from family or friends that is creating stress, or there could be guilt issues due to a previous termination.

It may be that your fear of actual childbirth is preventing you from falling pregnant.

Or it may even be that subconsciously you do not feel that your relationship is strong enough to start a family.

There are so many psychological reasons that could be affecting your attitude towards falling pregnant and it is very important to be able to identify what these may be.*

Male infertility

For men, the concerns could be similar, i.e. negative past experiences, concerns about the ability to be a good father, feelings of failure, and the effect it could have on your career and social life, as well as pressure from family and friends.

Again, whatever the subconscious reason might be, it is very important to identify what this might be.

 How can Do Hypnosis help?

If we are able to identify any underlying concerns through discussion, we can then go straight into hypnosis and address these concerns.

However, if the client is unaware of any conscious concerns, under hypnosis we are able to identify any subconscious issues there may be with conceiving.*

We will then incorporate powerful imagery and direct suggestion into our hypnotherapy sessions to aid the fertility process.

Our fertility hypnosis Kent will help you to resolve past traumas, identify blockages, reduce your stress and anxiety, and address lifestyle issues such as smoking or obesity.*

Our hypnosis sessions include strong and powerful visualisation exercises to create strong and positive thought patterns.*

For more information on our Fertility hypnosis Kent programme please call now on 07766715265 or submit the contact form.

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *

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