Fear of driving hypnosis Kent

Fear of driving hypnosis Kent – to help you get back behind the wheel* 

fear of driving hypnosis KentDriving phobia is actually a very common phobia, and if you live in a big city on a good public transport network, you may never have a need to drive. However, for those people that live in hard to reach areas, or are not on good public transport networks, they can find that they become very isolated due to their fear of driving. It can stop you socialising and even working as you may not be able to afford the taxi fares to get to work or to see friends and family. I can help you overcome your fear of driving in a as little as four sessions.* Please see prices for block bookings.

Fear of driving is just like any other phobia. It is a paralyzing but irrational fear brought on by the fight or flight response. A full blown fear of driving phobia is when a person will not drive at all. They may even have their own car sitting on the driveway waiting for the day when they can overcome the fear. Unfortunately the fear will not go away on its own, and the more the person avoids driving the worse the fear of driving will become, no matter how difficult their life may be as a result of not driving.

There are various different forms of driving anxiety and these can include

  • Fear of driving on motorways
  • Fear of driving on narrow road
  • Fear of driving on bridges
  • Not driving with other people in the car
  • Fear of driving at night
  • Fear of driving out of your local area
  • Fear of getting into an accident
  • Fear of being stuck in a traffic jam
  • Fear of passing out at the wheel
  • Fear of Driving next to big trucks
  • Fear of navigating big roundabouts
  • Fear of driving in big cities

Fear of driving hypnosis Kent can help keep you safe on the road

When you look at the above list of driving anxieties you may realise that fear of driving is not always a completely irrational fear, after all if you are a bad driver, you could be putting your own life as well as the life of others at risk. One should always be cautious when approaching big trucks or overtaking a truck etc. Unfortunately stress and anxiety can make you jumpy, over reactive and potentially a hazard on the road, so managing your stress and anxiety whilst you are driving is crucial to keeping you safe while you are out on the road.

Fear of driving hypnosis Kent can help you overcome your driving fears and help keep you safe on the road*.

Whether you are not driving at all or whether you are experiencing a driving anxiety listed above (or not listed above) hypnotherapy is very effective in helping you overcome your driving fears.*

Crucial to safe driving is calming you, and reducing your anxiety. I do this in a number of ways using Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.* Phobics tend to be experts at negative rehearsal so we teach you positive rehearsal so that you reverse your negative thinking and are able to visualise yourself driving confidently and safely.*

I have various advanced techniques I use to help you attain a calm state of mind when you are driving, including anchoring (where I install a CALM anchor under hypnosis so that a calm state previously attained under hypnosis can be attained again very quickly by pressing for example a finger or a wrist).*

I use hypnotic desensitisation techniques which aim to take the fear out of the very situation you fear. Fear of the fear is often the worst part of any phobia, and especially whilst driving as fear that you may have a panic attack while driving is a very real fear indeed. This fear of the fear compounds your phobia so we work to address this fear.*

Often people that fear driving may have been involved in a car accident, and this can quite naturally cause a very real fear of being involved in another accident. If you have been involved in a very traumatic accident, or somebody you know has been involved in an accident that has left you frightened I have specialised techniques that can help you overcome and desensitise that traumatic event.*

So if you are looking for help with fear of driving I can help with my fear of driving hypnosis Kent course of treatment.*

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Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *




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