Currently I am still taking on new bookings but I am not seeing clients on a face to face basis.

All session courses are now offered live online using Zoom. Zoom is very easy to navigate and download.

I also offer live WhatsApp sessions for those clients unable to download Zoom.

Your only requirement will be that you need to have a fast enough internet connection and somewhere quiet where you will not be interrupted during the session.

Skype hypnosis sessions work just as well as a face to face session , and also has the added benefit that you do not need to leave your own home . The courses will cost the same as face to face sessions.

I have had great feedback from clients that have received hypnotherapy online in the recent weeks, so whilst in lockdown why not use the time to sort out all those issues you have never had the time to address !

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I am no longer working with clients on a face to face basis during the Covid-19 lock down. However, I am now offering exactly the same courses as previously except they are now being offered live online.  Please follow this link for more information. .
I am also offering an online anxiety course which is much cheaper than current live courses. Please follow the link for this.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)