Anxiety specialist

I am an anxiety specialist working in Kent.

When I first started my hypnotherapy business I was overwhelmed with clients requesting help to overcome anxiety issues.

These have ranged from generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD, through to more  to specific phobias.

Some of these phobias include fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of dogs,fear of cats, fear of spider’s, fear of vomiting,fear of needles, agoraphobia ,Claustrophobia , fear of MRI scans and many more too numerous to mention.

I went on to devise a course of anxiety therapy over four to six sessions which combines my own hypnotherapy methods with cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

Due to the success I have had with these courses of therapy I receive many referrals and recommendations from previous clients. I now specialise in anxiety and more than 5o% of the clients I treat have some form of anxiety problem.

Anxiety can be crippling and debilitating . I  love turning client’s lives around so that they can live a happy, normal and anxiety free life .

If you think you need an anxiety specialist to help with your anxiety contact me now on or call me on 01634 307030 for a free telephone consultation.

Please note results may vary from person to person. There are never guarantees when undergoing any form of therapy and for this reason we do not offer any guarantees for any of our hypnotherapy services. *



I am no longer working with clients on a face to face basis during the Covid-19 lock down. However, I am now offering exactly the same courses as previously except they are now being offered live online.  Please follow this link for more information. .
I am also offering an online anxiety course which is much cheaper than current live courses. Please follow the link for this.

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